What are Terpenoids

Difference Between Terpenes and Terpenoids
A terpene is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon based on combinations of the isoprene unit. Terpenoids are compounds related to terpenes, which may include some oxygen functionality or some rearrangement, however the two terms are often used interchangeably

What Is Valencene Terpene And Where Can You Find It?

Aromatherapy has been in use in some way or another for nearly 2,000 years in many different human cultures. The Chinese and Japanese have long used many different types of aromas for not only their healing properties but their ability to help a person relax. One of the main ingredients of aromas are the terpene chemicals which also have the most medicinal properties as well. Most terpenes are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory, so they have been used throughout history as natural remedies.

Flowers, Citrus Fruits, and Herbs Contain Many Terpenes

Almost any plant that has a strong smell will be high in certain terpenes. There are thousands of different kinds, and they are mixed in each plant differently to arrive at the final scent. It can be surprising to find that some of the same terpenes that are in citrus fruits are also found in marijuana, for example, and they carry the same properties as well.

Most scents are a mixture of an alcohol, terpene, ester, and an oxide. Some are stronger than others and there are some that are so strong they are actually toxic in larger doses. But most are excellent when used in small quantities to flavor our foods, make perfumes, do aromatherapies, and when used in natural medicines. Some have even been found to be so beneficial that they've become useful prescription medicines, industrial cleaners, and even valuable oil industry chemicals as well.

Many people are surprised to learn that the world's favorite beverage, coffee, is full of hundreds of different terpenes. These chemicals are one of the reasons why coffee has so many beneficial properties, and more are being discovered through research each year.

Valencene Terpene Is a Major Component Of Citrus Fruits

It gets its name from the Valencia orange which is where it was first refined, but it's also quite prevalent in grapefruits and lemons as well. There are thousands of products ranging from perfumes, disinfectants, cleaners, and other industrial chemicals that use Valencene terpene as an ingredient. It also has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties so it's used either pure or mixed with other herbs or ingredients in many different treatments.

Dandruff, toenail fungus, jock itch, athletes foot and ringworm are some of the fungal diseases that respond well to Valencene terpene and it is quite effective in their elimination. There are many home remedies that use oranges, grapefruits, and lemons in the treatments of many fungal diseases. It is also an excellent preventative measure to keep these fungi from gaining a foothold on the skin where they are then harder to get rid of.

Certain strains of marijuana also will contain Valencene terpene and you can usually tell by the citrus smell they have. If you are interested in this aroma you can ask which varieties at your local dispensary contain the most. Or go online and look for a list that you can take in to see if they have it in their inventory. You will be able to tell by the smell once you have located the proper variety.